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Custom Homes

Walking into a brand new space is one of the best feelings we know. Well-designed homes have the power to make even the simplest daily tasks a surprising treat — which is profoundly life-changing when you consider that you’ll be doing them hundreds or even thousands of times a year.

Some of our most memorable projects started from the ground up. We love the challenge of big, complex projects and the joy they bring to our clients when they’re executed with the level of fit and finish we bring to our work.

We’ve built everything from modern, tech-forward homes in the heart of Silicon Valley to highly custom personal homes way up in the coastal mountains. What matters isn’t a project’s style, but the quality of relationship with our client and a willingness to work collaboratively toward a space that’s built to last — and delight. 


Some of you just purchased a home. Some of you have young children who (faster than you’d like) will be teenagers vying for their own private spaces before they leave the nest. Some of you have lived a long, successful life and are planning to make your retirement as comfortable as possible. Or, perhaps you’ve simply had enough of that green 1970s tile in the hall bathroom.

Remodeling is a kind of architectural alchemy: When an existing space is redesigned to meet not only who you are today, but who you want to become, it has the power to make your entire home feel new again.

We regularly rebuild kitchens and bathrooms, create room additions — even second-floor suites. The most important thing to us is ensuring that the new space you’re building won’t just make your life feel new today, but better tomorrow.


What’s Included

We define a successful project by how seamlessly we guide you through the process, how confident you feel that you’re getting the most from your budget, and how much you love coming home to your new space — not just on the day it’s finished, but every day thereafter. Here’s a glance at what’s included when working with us:



Our proposals are written in plain language to help you understand exactly what you can expect receive from us, and how much it will cost.


A clear home construction contract that protects both of us, and your home, throughout the process.


A comprehensive timeline that lays out our vision of success from start to finish, including important milestones and dates that you’ll need to know throughout the project.

License & Insurance

We, and every one of our subcontractors, are fully licensed and insured. You can check the status of our license here.

HOUSE Etiquette

We consider ourselves to be guests in your home, and we expect our team — including all of our vendors and subcontractors — to act as guardians of your space.  


The security and safety of your home is of the utmost importance. We tidy up and secure the job site at the end of every workday, and perform a weekly cleanup at the end of each week. We also avoid leaving debris at the project site to provide a safer, cleaner experience for everyone.

Appliance Manuals

We collect and deliver all available user manuals for your new fixtures and appliances once your project is complete so they’re always at your fingertips for future reference.


We encourage you to spend time in your new space before sending us final payment. This gives our clients a chance to get a real sense of what it feels like to live in the space before sending final payment.

Warrantied Work

We don’t run away from our mistakes, and we take pride in the lasting support we give to our clients. We still get calls from clients we worked with more than twenty years ago, simply because they trust that we’ll take the time to help them out.


Client Resources

Construction is complex, but it shouldn’t be confusing. The more informed you are, the better you’ll be able to navigate your project from beginning to end. We’ve built some tools just for you, to help you learn more, and empower yourself throughout the process.


Project Timeline

How will your home project affect your property taxes? What’s the most effective sequence to hiring an architect and a general contractor? What’s your role once the project starts? These questions and many others are answered in this helpful 10-step guide to navigating your home project.

Style Guide

Knowing your fixtures and finishes early will help keep your project running smoothly. Use this guide to prioritize, research and organize your style choices. Full disclosure: We don’t get paid by any of the vendors listed. They’re simply the vendors we think are best-in-class after 30 years of working in the South Bay Area.