Building and remodeling homes our clients love coming home to.

Build something you love coming home to.

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We’ve been building and remodeling custom homes in the Bay Area since 1986.

Home is a place that you wake up in, laugh in, play in, eat in and sleep in. From early morning coffee, to weekend gardening, to staying up late with the kids, your home serves as the living vessel of your daily life. Construction isn’t just about boards and nails. It’s about making sure the smallest details of your home are done right, so they make your life a little bit better every day.



Over the last three decades, we’ve built everything from brand-new Bungalow-style homes in the heart of Silicon Valley to custom pole houses way up in the Santa Cruz mountains. We have strong opinions about what defines good craftsmanship and great service. We also know how complex home projects can be, so we’ve custom-designed a couple of helpful tools just for you.

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Our past work speaks for itself, although our clients have said many nice things about it, too. Styles change all the time, but our care and attention to the smallest details don’t, no matter whether we’re restoring an early 1900’s Victorian or constructing a sleek new modern home in the early 2000’s. We like to think that’s what sets us apart, and also what has kept us riding on good referrals for more than 30 years.