We’re not here just to work. We’re here to do work that defines the industry.

At Roberts Construction, we believe structural integrity starts with personal integrity. Knowing that our service will shape how our clients live every day is an enormous responsibility — and one that we don’t take lightly. Construction isn’t just boards and nails. It’s about making sure the smallest details of our clients’ homes are done right, so it makes their lives a little bit better every day.

Building homes is one of the most exciting and meaningful arts you can master. Upon completion, clients literally live inside of what you’ve helped to build. We take that responsibility as an honor and a privilege, and we strive to do work that isn’t simply great. We seek to set the standard for what great work — and great service — looks like.

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Open Positions


General Laborer / Dump Truck Driver

Skilled Workers are a passionate, dedicated team who engage in almost every aspect of home building at Roberts Construction. We are looking for men and women with passion, integrity and a belief that home building is about more than just boards and nails.

You are responsible, focused and know how to go above and beyond what is asked of you. You will have at least 1–2 years experience wielding a wide range of tools on a residential job site, know how to follow instructions thoroughly, and aren't afraid to ask for help when you need it. You might even have 1–2 years of driving and operating a dump truck or other large machinery.

key Qualifications

  • Proficient with common tools involved in residential home construction (e.g. hammers, saws, drills, nail guns, levels, etc.)

  • Personal ownership of basic set of home building tools commensurate with skill level. Specialized tools will be provided by Roberts Construction.

  • Adaptable to a constantly changing set of tasks and responsibilities.

  • Ability to be honest about your skill level, follow instructions as given, ask for help when needed, and be fearless about reporting your mistakes.

  • Valid and clean CA Drivers' License and reliable transportation. This position might require you to drive work trucks to job sites.

  • Ability to lift at least 50 lbs safely and repeatedly.

  • Optional: Ability to drive and operate a dump truck.


As a Skilled Worker, you will participating in numerous aspects of the home building process. Your primary responsibility will be following the directions of your Foreman to provide a smooth and seamless execution of the day's tasks. As a guest in our clients' homes, you will embody focus, courteousness and respect as you complete your task list, which includes keeping the job site safe and clear every single day. From breaking ground to the last sweep of your broom, you're the heart and soul of getting a home built.


High school diploma / GED or greater is required.

Additional Skills

Si hablas español, por favor aplica. Y si eres bilingüe, eso es incluso mejor.

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Project Lead / Foreman

Keeping a job site moving seamlessly requires a diverse set of leadership skills, and as a Project Lead / Foreman, you feel at home in the complexity. You handle challenges with the utmost poise, and take responsibility for success and failure with equal measure. As a steward of our service, you embody honesty, integrity and excellence in every aspect of your work, from correspondence with clients and trade partners, to the caliber of your craftsmanship. Everything involved in a project's success comes back to you, and you revel in the responsibility.

Key Qualifications

  • 3–4 years experience in Home Building

  • 3–4 years experience in leading a team of 5 or more people.

  • Proficiency with a wide range of home building tools, including power tools.

  • Personal ownership of a wide range of tools for home construction, including power tools.

  • Valid CA Driver’s License and daily transportation.

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs or more safely and repeatedly.


As a Project Lead / Foreman, you direct your team of Skilled Workers in seamlessly completing each home project. You are directly responsible for the success of your projects, ensuring that materials are ordered on time, trade partners are properly coordinated, and clients are satisfied. You set the vision for your team at the beginning of each day, check in throughout the day to ensure everyone is on track, and submit a report of your accomplishments at the end of each day. As a steward and guest in our clients' homes, you ensure the job site is always safe, clean and ready for work. And as a leader, you ensure your team is constantly improving the quality of their service.


High school diploma / GED or greater is required.

Additional Requirements

Si eres bilingüe, por favor aplica. Sus habilidades son bienvenidas con nosotros.

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