We care deeply about experience.

It's easy to imagine how a space will look, but it's much harder to imagine how a space will feel. Our work — from breaking ground to the last sweep of our broom — is just the beginning of your experience. If we’ve done our job, the true product of our work isn’t just a physical space, but a great experience for you and your family, day after day.

Good design should permeate every aspect of a home project — even the unassuming administrative things like contracts, calendars and daily communication. Good design, in other words, is as much about our physical craft as it is about how we carry ourselves while doing it. Here is a brief overview of what you'll receive when working with us:


Home Construction Package


Our proposals are written in plain, what-you-see-is-what-you-get English to help you understand the goods and services you'll receive from us.


We provide a comprehensive home construction contract that protects both of us, and your home, throughout the process.

project calendar

For almost every project, we provide a custom-tailored progress calendar that lays out our vision of success from start to finish.

Job Site Etiquette & Security

house rules

We are guests in your home, and we expect our team to act as guardians of your space. Our vision of a successful job site is a safe, quiet, focused space where everyone is seamlessly working together. In a word, we strive to provide you with the best possible experience. Anything that detracts from that doesn't belong in your home. 

security & Protection

Your security, and the safety of your home is of the utmost importance to us. We tidy up and secure the job site at the end of every work day — rain or shine — to help everyone navigate your project site safely during construction.

The Little Things

Final Sweep

We leave all projects broom clean along with numerous other small-but-important details that make your new space move-in ready. 

final handoff

We collect, compile, organize and deliver all user manuals for your new fixtures and appliances, so they’re always at your fingertips.

Final Check

We encourage you to spend up to 30 days in your new space before sending us final payment. This allows you to make sure you’re fully satisfied with our work.



We aspire to be great.


We mean it literally when we say that structural integrity starts with personal integrity. Knowing that the caliber of our craft and service will shape how you live every day is an enormous responsibility — and one that we don't take lightly. Here are six of the core principles we live by, on and off the job site:


Start from Integrity

As artisans of home building, we have an important, and long-lasting relationship with our clients. The spaces we create will be the canvas upon which their’ daily lives play out. In ways big and small, we have the ability to make our clients feel excited to be at home, or be a source of daily distress. How we serve our clients begins with how we behave when no is looking.

Lead With Humility

When someone with wealth asks for our services, we do not smirk with self-congratulation. Nor do we scoff and turn aside when someone of more meager means asks for our help. When we are recognized for great work, let us celebrate it and move on. And when we have the opportunity to do something great that no one will notice, let us do that, too.

Cultivate Self-Reliance

Our business is a microcosm of the world. How we operate not only reflects our environment, it also embodies our ability to improve it. We can create positive change by supporting those who do honest work, empowering our clients with useful knowledge about their homes and inspiring responsibility and resilience in each and every member of our team.

Serve with Compassion

Our clients, like our team, share similar concerns and hopes for our daily well-being. When we work, we arrive as a guest in our client’s home, and we recognize that our work will affect them not only for the duration of their project, but for years to come. We celebrate that momentous responsibility, and believe that a successful project should make our clients’ lives a little bit better every day.

Sweat Every Detail

If God is in the details, it is because we have made something beautiful by carefully attending to each of them. If the Devil is in the details, it is because we have ignored them.

Educate at Every Step

Every moment is an opportunity to do better than the moment before, to learn something new, and to share that learned wisdom. Whether we are working alongside a client, our teammates or a trade partner, we strive to turn each and every moment into a learning experience. If we succeeded, we shall come away having given and received a new piece of wisdom.

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