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The Project Timeline

From napkin sketch to new space in ten steps.

So you want to build a new space. Where do you even begin? Will remodeling your home raise your property taxes? How can you get the greatest value from your budget? Home projects are full of big, important questions, and it’s important to learn the answers. That’s why we’ve distilled over 30 years of experience into a helpful roadmap to keep you on track as you research, design and build a space you love.


What’s Inside

  • A vision for what a successful project should look like.

  • A 10-step process to help you get from envisioning your new space to standing inside of it.

  • Helpful industry-insider tips about how to navigate your project and get the most from your budget.

How To Use It

  • Pick it up no matter where you are in the timeline.

  • Print it out, keep it with you throughout the process and write all over it!

  • Complete the goals in each section so you can be sure you have the information you need before moving ahead.

Download The Project Timeline

A powerful roadmap for planning a successful project. 



The Style Guide

Keep your project running smoothly, in style.

One of the biggest variables on any project — and one of the areas over which you have the most financial impact — is style. What is style? It's the fixtures (like toilets and sinks), finishes (like flooring and countertops) and appliances (like stoves and dishwashers) that will determine the function, fit and feel of your new space. The better you know your style, the more control you'll have over the progress of your project.


What’s Inside

  • A guide to help you establish your style priorities.
  • Contact information and showroom times for our preferred home designers and finish suppliers in the South Bay Area.
  • A style sheet for you to record your choices and keep your project running smoothly.

How To Use It

  • Pick it up no matter where you are in the process.
  • Set your style priorities, then do some research and choose the best items within your budget.
  • Compile your choices in your Style Profile, and give it to your home designer and contractor to help them streamline your project schedule.

Download The Style Guide

A step-by-step guide to prioritizing, research and organizing your style choices.